Woman getting a massage

Why massage therapy?

We all know how good it feels to get a massage, but do you really know the benefits of having one before or after your workout?

Massage before a workout is beneficial in many ways. It helps prepare the body for what it’s about to endure. It wakes the body up by the therapist using quick short movements and more vigorous techniques through out the massage. It also helps increase your blood flow, adrenaline, and fast twitch muscle fibers. This type of massage only lasts about 5-10 minutes – anything more then that wouldn’t be as stimulating on the body.

Having a post workout massage is a lot more common because it is more relaxing for some. However, not everyone wants a fluffy duffy massage. In a post workout treatment the therapist focuses on repairing the tissue health of the muscle, stretching the muscle, breaking down scar tissue, and help release any trigger points or “knots” throughout the muscle.

These are just a few benefits to a pre- or post-workout massage.