Woman experiencing low back pain and not knowing what to do!

How to help low back pain

Low back pain is a huge issue in today’s society and we are constantly seeking relief any way possible. Here is a simple stretch to allow some relief from discomfort at work, home, before or after the gym, etc.

  1. Take one foot and place it behind the other
  2. Which ever foot is placed behind, that is the side you want to stretch (if my right foot is behind my left I will be stretching the right side)
  3. The arm on the side that I want to stretch needs to come up above my head (if I am stretching my right side I want my right arm above my head)
  4. Lean towards the opposite side (if I am stretching my right side I will lean to the left)

If you have any questions about the stretch please visit www.facebook.com/Knotsrmt