Why YOU should be planning for the week ahead

Why you should plan for the week ahead

Have you got a pretty planner sitting on your desk that you’ve never opened but purchased with intentions of being more organized? Did this planner cost you an arm and a leg because it was so pretty but yet again, it sits on your desk, under stacks of paper or in your purse?

USE IT! Here’s why….

  1. Reduce your stress
    Writing down everything for the week ahead gives you a nice visual of the things you must do. Along with this comes peace of mind (thank goodness). I tend to do this on a Sunday morning while I enjoy a cup of coffee at my desk. This allows me to become excited for the week ahead while my brain and body are still relaxed. Knowing that I’m setting myself up to succeed only seems beneficial. I generally set aside an hour for this because I tend to get distracted by things that pass through my mind while trying to keep on task.
  2. Helps attain goals
    Writing down your “must do” allows you to evaluate if you’re sticking to a schedule and following what you’ve set out to do. This can help by making you more organized and more focused on achieving goals you’ve set out for yourself. I always recommend putting a small little box beside whatever you write so that you can have the satisfaction of checking it off when you’ve done it. HECK YES! Really though, it feels rewarding and you’re more inclined to continue to follow this routine.
  3. It can save you money (believe it or not)
    If you take the time to plan out what your meals are not only is cooking less of a chore, it’s less of a stressor when you’ve finished your work day. For example, I like to plan out what we’re having for our dinner each night. Since my partner and I both have busy schedules we aim to plan out our breakfast and lunch on our own which is generally the same thing throughout the week. If I know in advance what we’re eating I can take time to plan it prior to going to work or take a Sunday to plan things that I can re-heat but will still taste great! Sharing this responsibility of meal planning for the week should have the entire family included, wether it’s just you and your partner or a family of 5. Having everyone involved helps increase interest in food, is less stressful, more accommodating and results in fewer “what’s for dinner” questions.
    4. You can remember thingsTa-Da! Friend’s party you said you were going to attend but totally forgot about because you were so busy doing other things? Important meeting you had every intention of getting to but cancelled last minute because something else was more important? QUIT IT! I mean it, stop it. Start out with finding if these extra meetings or these get together’s are something you’re interested in. If you’re interested in it than make it happen. Think of it this way, once it’s pencilled in, it’s written in stone and the only way you can get out of it is well…you can’t. You’ve made this commitment and once you follow through with it (even if you only stay for an hour) you’ll feel better for taking the time to socialize, give yourself a break, invest in your future etc. Whatever the case will be, write it down so you remember and are always present.Let’s face it, everyone is busy yet some people still find time to do “all the things”. This is because that person has planned and made it a priority. Check in with yourself before you start booking things without actually looking at your week ahead, or even your month ahead. We tend to overload our schedules so why not balance them with the “needs” and the “wants”. You can do everything you want to do, you just need to plan for it.