Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

Well, mother nature sure seems to be stressed out this weekend. Bad weather is a great excuse to stay inside and be a homebody. Last week I shared with you the importance of taking time to plan for your week ahead so hopefully this weather allowed you to do so.

I use Sunday as a recovery day for my body, mind and soul. One of my favourite things to do for this is to take time for Hot Yoga or Yoga at home along with meditation.  Yoga allows me to connect with myself and re-charge after a busy week. If I choose to do Yoga at home I usually hop onto Youtube and find a video I like. I tend to gravitate to something more relaxing and that’s focused more on stretching than form, challenging poses or strength training. Before I get started I make sure that my house is clean so that my mind doesn’t wander off about my “to do” list.  I put my cellphone somewhere I’m not tempted to check it along with turning it to silent (this includes turning the “vibrate on silent” option off). I turn off notifications on my computer so that I’m not interrupted while I’m focusing on my activity. After I’ve found the video I put on my coziest clothes, light a candle, turn off the lights, unroll my mat and take a deep breath. During my practice I constantly check in with regards to my breathing and let the thoughts that flood my brain just come and go. I try to focus on the body party I’m stretching while remembering why this stretch will be beneficial. I like to be mindful and focused on the stretch I’m doing because it allows me to be fully present. After I’ve finished my video I put on some calming music and meditate. Sometimes my meditation practice happens just before bed if I’ve gone to Hot Yoga because the class I like is in the late afternoon. During this meditation I focus on my breath and take the time to reflect on the week that’s past, accepting the good and the bad. After this reflection I set my intention for the week ahead, say a breath, take another deep breath and smile. I always feel refreshed and re-charged after this routine.

My post for tomorrow’s Motivational Monday talks about setting that intention. How you can succeed in the week ahead all from your previous Sunday planning and your mindset.

Don’t forget to take time for yourself on Sunday’s because why knot?