Letting go through Meditation

Fall, the season where we find beauty in all things decaying. Incredible isn’t it, how we can find beauty in the tree’s colours changing, nature letting things go in order to prepare for another season change. Fall allows us to spend time on reflection and change. Like the seasons, we too are constantly changing. With change comes a loss of control. With loosing control, we let go of the things weighing us down. I’m sure you’ve asked for help or guidance and got “just let it go” as an response. Some individual’s can find it easier to let go and others may struggle with being able to let go. In writing this, I hope to help give insight to those who find trouble in change and letting things go.

How can you learn to let go?

Here is a break down of a meditation you can use in order to letting go…

  1. Find somewhere that is peaceful and that feels of comfort to you. Close your eyes and visualize a place that you feel the most at peace. For example, this could be the beach, a forest, your childhood home, anywhere. 
  2. Start by taking a deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Repeat 10x. Remember to focus only on your breathing at this point. 
  3. Once you’ve completed your breathing exercise I want to to visualize yourself in your place of peace while holding onto a butterfly. Think of why you can’t seem to let go. This practice may take more than one meditation to achieve because you might not come to a conclusion as to why you can’t let go. If you get overwhelmed with negative emotion, stop. Don’t force yourself into an uncomfortable situation unless you feel that you can emotionally accept it. Meditation is a practice and letting go takes time. Once you’ve developed a sense of calm and understanding towards why you are still holding onto this issue, it’s time to let this butterfly go. Visualize yourself opening your hand and letting this butterfly go. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the butterfly signifies your worry or the reason you haven’t been able to let go. Once that butterfly has been freed, you should no long be holding onto what is causing you pain, uncertainty, sadness, frustration etc.

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