Our Family

We're a close team that resembles a family. We're known for our friendliness, welcoming energy and positivity. Our therapists and practitioner's are passionate about always putting your health and wellness as top priority. You will be cared for from the moment you walk through the door until the time you leave. We strive for your experience to be as personalized as possible regardless of if this is your first experience with massage and acupuncture or if you're a returning client.

Taylor Dirstein

Owner & RMT

Taylor is the Owner of Knots Registered Massage Therapy Inc. and has been practicing as an RMT for 8 years. Taylor’s passion for health and wellness lead her to become an RMT in 2011 as she graduated from The Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy. Her love for athletics, relaxation and the human body has always been of high interest. Taylor established Knots in 2014 with the dream of serving her community in the health and wellness industry. In 2019, Taylor embraced and welcomed the wellness field into Knots in order to serve her community with a mind, body and soul experience. She is pleased that Knots now offers Reiki and Counselling. Her vision is for client’s to spend a few hours at the clinic by working on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health all in one place to achieve optimum wellness. Her mission is for you to think of this as home away from home. A place to relax and unwind or truly dig deep and treat Knots as a retreat within the urban area of Kitchener-Waterloo. Her mission is to provide a positive and personal experience to everyone who walks through the doors. Her vision is to educate the public on what registered massage therapy & wellness can provide for you when utilized properly. Taylor believes that our bodies hold onto our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  She also believe’s that the pressure within our society to “do more” and the “hustle” lifestyle has become our greatest weakness while creating and adding to our high levels of stress. She believes that healing is all about finding a healthy balance for you. In treating your body to a massage, her treatments are focused on providing you with ultimate relaxation while providing an effective amount therapeutic techniques when necessary. Taylor works off of what your body will allow and does not push it further than it is ready, able and willing to go. She believes that taking the time to awaken your body to the massage allows for your body to relax naturally, allowing for the ability of the body to become more relaxed and the massage to become more effective. Taylor believes that you receive the absolute best physical relief when treating your body with relaxation and therapeutic techniques. Taylor does not use deep pressure or deep tissue in her treatment’s. If you’re looking for this type of treatment she encourages you to see one of her team members.

Michelle Baker


Since 2015, when Michelle graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, she has striven to provide the very best of massage therapy through assessments, education and self/home care. Michelle has a variety of experience – from general relaxation massage to treating sciatic-like pain, low back pain, muscle tension and injuries. Other than prevention, Michelle focuses on stress relief among corporate clients. Her passion is to engage more people in leading a non-sedentary lifestyle, especially in the corporate world.

Michelle’s love for anything that decreases pain and increases relaxation and a worry-free life has brought her to the path of massage therapy. She will be glad to listen to your concerns and treat accordingly within your level of tolerance.

Eric Vander Heide


Eric Vander Heide, Registered Massage Therapist graduated with honours from the Medix College of Healthcare in Kitchener-Waterloo in May 2014. Eric is trained in the use of Swedish Massage techniques as well as complementary techniques such as frictions, fascial work, and trigger point therapy. Eric is always seeking to broaden his skill set for treatments to keep up with the ever changing world.

Carol Culhane


Carol graduated from Sutherland Chan in Toronto in 2016, but her passion for professional bodywork began in 2001 as a shiatsu therapist (acupressure or Japanese massage). Her holistic approach encompasses both shiatsu and massage therapy techniques.
Carol’s experience includes neck and back pain, practical self-care, stress reduction, headache, pregnancy massage, assessment, and injury rehabilitation. Her experience helps clients reduce pain and increase movement in ‘stuck’ areas.
Carol’s other skills include good communication, a healthy sense of humour, and an appreciation of massage treatments as a mini vacation from our often hectic lives. While she has the capacity to engage deep tissue it is coupled with the understanding today may not be the right day to release that painful trigger point in your upper back.



Karen has a BSc. (Biochemistry) from McMaster University and graduated in 2015 with Honours from Trillium College (Diploma in Massage Therapy). She is certified in acupuncture and can perform acupuncture treatments within the scope of practice of massage therapy.

Amy Gibson


Amy Gibson graduated in spring of 2019 from Fleming college in Peterborough, Ontario. As a Registered Massage Therapist, Amy strives to help all her clients feel their best, physically, mentally and emotionally. She loves being able to utilize her skills to help her clients reach their massage therapy goals, whether that be to relieve pain, increase range of motion or decrease stress and simply take this time to relax from their busy lives.

Josh Devins


Josh Devins graduated in 2017 from Mount Royal University in Alberta. As an RMT, Josh has a passion for helping clients be the best version of themselves and helping where he can through massage to allow for people to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Josh enjoys working with clients who are experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain due to working in an office or any career that isn’t allowing you to work at your full potential. Josh also enjoys working with clients who suffer from postural issues due to their daily activities and work place habits. He also enjoys treating anyone looking for relaxation and to destress.

Ashley Swartz


As a Registered Massage Therapist, Ashley strives to provide her clients with effective and quality care, using relaxation and clinical massage therapy techniques. Ashley uses a variety of Swedish Massage techniques and advanced techniques such as; trigger point therapy and myofascial release therapy.

Her wish for all of her clients is to allow her clients to leave their treatment feeling better physically, and emotionally. I also wish to improve upon my practical and clinical skills and to meet each client’s individual needs.

Raven Schaus


Raven is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Personal Energy Coach for Empowerment, Medical Intuitive Healer, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Youth Ambassador and Mentor, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Shadow-Work Specialist, Empathic, Projector Aura type as per the Human Design, Thought Leader and Messenger Of Love

She energetically heals, teaches, guides and encourages others to harness their Personal Energy for Empowerment and Enlightenment.

It takes several years of deconditioning to live life as ourselves, so why not start NOW!  Cellular renewal takes time and effort.  Working through past traumas, old thought patterns and emotions, to old beliefs that are society’s or someone else’s is essential to live at your fullest potential and true nature.  Also working through the shadow side of your Beingness and realigning to a Lighter feeling of self is a must and is easier with a Loving Guide.  She can recognize how energy is best utilized and how it should be applied for optimum benefits and clarity.  She is naturally wise and intuitive about the use of personal energy because her Aura literally focuses on the essence of the other being and understands deeply how and where the energy should be used and cultivated.  She helps women, men and youth work through their energy, uplifting them to wholeness and easing the way through this game of life.

If you feel pain, discomfort, anxious, lost with no direction, lonely, low self-esteem, sadness, unsure, depressed, low, heavy, or if you have a dis-ease that is holding you back or if you just desire a boost in your energy… let her coach you to break through old energy and move forward into a feeling of greatness.  It starts with you and begins from within.  Let’s raise Consciousness together!

Mackenzie Turow


Counselling is Mackenzie’s passion and she thrives while supporting people to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. Through a warm and down to earth approach she builds collaborative relationships with clients to create an environment that facilitates personal growth. Her goal is to help clients develop insight and build skills that can support them to live a happier and healthier life.

Mackenzie is a Social Worker registered with the Ontario College of Social Work and Social Service Workers. She completed an undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Waterloo and went on to receive her Master of Social Work degree from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2014. She has been providing counselling services for over a decade and has specialized in working with adults with concurrent mental health and addictions for the past five years of her career. In addition to providing treatment for mental health and substance use concerns, Mackenzie has also supported adults with grief and loss, family violence, trauma and other quality of life concerns.  To do this she provides counselling from a recovery-oriented perspective, utilizing Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.